7 days 7 pictures - Nantes Edition

It is not Sunday and there are more than seven pictures and I missed a week. This place is a mess! We came home last night and Aurélie arrives tomorrow but I promise that things will be back to normal soon!

1. Always makes me wish I was sitting by the Mississippi drinking one at the Café du Monde in New Orleans.
2. Big Baba au rhum.
3. Three Emperors who travelled all the way from China with us many years ago. It wasn't easy.
4. Head.
5. To toes.
6. The sweetest, nicest cat in the world. Very old and fat by now.
7. Curiosity cabinet.
8. Mini Baba au rhum.
9. Cooked Baba au rhum. We ate a lot of Baba au rhum.
10. Traditional Moroccan couscous made from scratch by my mum. The best dish ever.
11. Pretty bouquets. Now on my nightstand.
12. Talansac market in Nantes.
13. Back from the market.
14. Skull like plant.

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