The above picture has nothing to do with what's to follow, I'll give you that. I never thought of this place as a diary, it was more a way to record and keep track of our evolution in life and working on a project that started at the same time as this blog, changing our lives around. We did that by leaving London and moving to the French countryside in the hope of starting a goat herd on my grand-mother's land. I never really shared much feelings here, it was more about facts. But right now, my head is a mess. Things are not exactly going as planned or maybe it wasn't planned enough. We are in the middle of a questioning about the future. The land we thought we could use isn't going to work and we are not sure we are quite ready for this life just yet. Living with my grand-mother is proving to be extremely hard and not as free as we hoped and living so far from our friends is also harder than expected. We have a few years of city life left in us. I don't regret coming here and leaving London, it was necessary at the time, we couldn't have carried on. We have an idea for what's next and this time we are planning a bit more. We have the luck and opportunity to have the time to think and plan everything without the pressure of everyday work life. We are still looking into a farm training, we are still trying to put back my Nan's land in shape for her (nothing is working and it is extremely frustrating. The lawnmower doesn't start anymore for unknown reasons and I almost broke a finger trying to restart the weedwacker. It never restarted obviously), stay here for the winter so she is not alone and then we'll be off for new adventures. We still hope to come back to the countryside in a few years and start this life, our life in our house, this wasn't the time just yet. 

This was also a poor attempt in justifying my silence or very succinct posts here lately. I have so many pictures to share with you, Brittany is a beautiful place. That is if my computer agrees with me and doesn't crash.

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