Les Arts Décoratifs

I've talked about the Art Décoratifs museum here before and I have been many times between now and then. I've been craving for more Art lately, I've been feeling the urge of going to museums. They are my safe place, there is nothing I love more than the quietness of a museum and its smell, the smell of carefully polished wooden floor, if it's creaking, it's even better. I like the Arts Décoratifs museum (beside the fact of what's in it) because it's never busy, I can walk around the rooms and have it all for myself, I can imagine stories, the life of those people who lived with those objects and pieces of furniture, I can imagine what it would be like to live in a 1920's modern, design flat...

As much as Art is a reflection of a time and its society, objects, furniture, interiors interest me even more. I love to know how people use to live, what they used, how they used it, what their days were like, it fascinates me. I have a nostalgia for time past. And more specifically I will go anywhere I can see some Art Deco.


Still life


This place is still alive, I think. I want to do more, always, more creation, more writing, more reading, more music but work and worries have drained me empty those past few months. I'm back from a break in the countryside and hopefully worries are to be over, so now I can focus on what I want to do. And I feel an urge for art, I want to go back to Orsay and go to the Art Nouveau section as soon as I can, I want to go to the Louvre and see the Egyptian animals exhibit and I have a list of exhibits for 2015. So there should be art and design coming soon. Keep an eye open. I hope you all have a wonderful time with loved ones, celebrating Christmas or not.


Song of the day #47

Sometimes (all the time) I feel like life is just  series of problems that need to be solved. One by one, one after the other. Never ending.

The White Stripes - Little Acorns


Practicing, playing, writing

As soon as I have a moment alone in the flat, that's what I've been up to. I really hope something is going to come out of it this time!