My name is Maëlia, born and raised in France, always close to Brittany where my mum's half-Irish half -Breton family is. This is where my heart is and I'll always consider it as being where I am from and who I am. Being a good cliché I have far too many Breton tops.

I left home and moved to Paris when I was 18 to study art and technology, specialised in cinema. After getting my degree, I worked for a while for a company where I was subtitling films and yes it was as great as it sounds. But I felt like my life was getting nowhere and that Paris, and even France, wasn't the place for me. So I saved money, made sacrifices and I moved to London in 2010. I already knew people there and I spent a year making more friends, going to hundreds of gigs in dirty pubs and shopping vintage dresses. Tom was an acquaintance at the time, we became friends, close friends, best friends. We got married and after a while moved to Brittany where we painted, played music, dug the soil, built sheds and dreamt about raising goats. We are still planning on having our farm one day but for now we are back in Paris where we can work.

I have an Etsy shop to try to help us with our dreams. Find me here.

I'd love to hear from you, don't hesitate to drop me a line birdanchorblog@gmail.com

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