Goodbye 2013

This is my last post of 2013, tomorrow we are leaving for London for one last week of insouciance and holiday before moving to Paris in search of a new job. I am terrified. And also excited to be back there and have Tom with me this time round. But let's stop thinking about the future for a moment (it's all I can think of), we had a lovely Christmas in the house, Tom made the Advent calendar for me this year, my sister homemade the bûche, one of her own creation, chocolate-orange and praline cream, she  dreams about opening her own shop, and I ate a lot of bears. As I said here, you know it's Christmas when your chocolate is shaped like a bear.

As for the gifts, I was incredibly spoiled.
1. Coat from Zara 2. Shirt from H&M 3. Snoopy cookbook 4. Dante's Inferno (my husband knows me so well!) 5. Card games set 6. Burgundy tights from H&M 7. Cooperative dress from Urban Outfitters 8. Black jumper from Zara

1. Crapule from André (the most perfect shoes I've been searching for everywhere, amazing husband) 2. Mustard tights from H&M 3. Bracelet from Clio Blue 4. Homemade chocolates in pretty jar 5. Antique coffee set 7. Gloves for Iphone

The BRMC record is Tom's, but I love it so much I couldn't wait to listen to it!

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  1. I can't wait to see you in Paris!
    I like ALL the clothes. Now I think I need more coloured tights...