Moving again

We are leaving all of this on Thursday for Paris. I think we are mad. On the other hand, I'm extremely excited to live there with Tom. I spent three and a half years studying in Paris and I know that having my husband with me will make it a million times better. Even the idea of living in a 10 square metres room is exciting, because it'll just be us two (that's still two too many for the size of that room). I also already have a fancy pants job interview lined up. It is not my dream job (but what is anyway, I'm still searching) but it is motivating. I'm not forgetting my projects of getting some kind of translator diploma, that would be closer to my dream job. 

I have no idea when I'll have the Internet again, which is a shame as I have a lot of ideas and plans for this blog, starting with a face lift. I want more structure, consistency and to finish what I've started. I'm hoping to get the wifi (weefee as we would say around these parts of the world) in the room. I am not a technology addict (this is coming from someone who has a blog, a pinterest, an instagram and a facebook account), I know I can stay weeks without contact with the world, but these days what can you do without the Internet? I need to update paperwork with the French administration and be able to search for a flat. We'll see how it all goes, I hope I won't be absent too long.

Ah the unique feeling of having no idea what's going to happen and where you'll be in three months time!... I actually do like it, anything is possible.

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