Sorry for the long silence on here, my head hasn't been much into blogging. We've been back at the house for over ten days now and it's mainly been about wood. We spend our time bringing more by the house for easy access, we had to transfer some that was still drying to a closer shed and before we left for Nantes there's been a storm and some trees were down. They are all cut now and drying, some small bits in the shed and the bigger ones will have to wait until the summer to be cut and put away. It's all about rotating. The days feel insanely short and the house so dark, it's now been pouring rain for the past few days. I would actually love this time of the year if we could just go for walks by the sea and relax by the fire, but we are not free of anything we are doing and I'm looking forward to our home. I'm going to work very hard for it and hopefully it will happen very soon. All my paperwork with French administration is finally settled, which is a big relief, and now we can focus on our close future in Paris. I'm silly excited about the simple idea of choosing at what time I want to eat my dinner! Life feels a bit terrifying at the moment, we have no clue what the future has in store for us. Right now I just want to live with Tom alone, surely it shouldn't be too much to ask but looking around me, I can see that many of my friends have to share homes with other people too, it seems to be one of our generation problem. Well it is the case in England and in France, is it like that where you are?

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