Monday was our first year anniversary. For our 6 months we got engaged, for our first year we are getting married, we set the bar quite high! I could go on for pages on how incredible Tom is, on how perfect was the timing to meet not too young and not too late, on how much we are looking forward to the many years to come - we set for a hundred, 99 to go, easy. But I'm not sure that is of any interest for anyone but me and him.

Instead I'll tell you how much fun I had playing around with a fancy camera taking pictures of the incredible flowers Tom surprised me with. He knows I love white bouquets, it is officially the most beautiful one I ever got. I couldn't choose between the pictures so there are quite a few. I wanted to keep a trace of it.

We didn't have much planned. We are not the type to go on the London wheel to drink champagne to celebrate. All we wanted was to be together and have a relaxing, trouble free evening. We have been very stressed lately between work, flat issues and wedding coming very soon. We went down to Crouch End - our lovely neighbourhood in north London - to find ourselves a nice restaurant. We had a curry quite recently - which was very nice - so we went for a pizza at Pizza Bella. The place is what I want in a pizzeria, simple and rustic but not cliché. They have quite a large choice of pizza and pasta. I hestitated between several pizzas so will have to come back. I liked that the pizzas were served on wooden boards, they were tasty and well cooked. Not the most amazing pizza I had in my life but definitely worth it. I would go back there, and it's nice from time to time to do something different.

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