Double exposures

Tom in the sky

Psychedelic tomatos

Me in the British Museum glass ceiling

Queen's Jubilee

Tom likes to remind me I'm French

One morning, quite a while ago, Tom and I were texting about a complitely different subject when Tom just texted that he wanted a multilens camera. We looked a bit into it, we thought of the lomography shop but it is quite expensive. We - well, I - forgot a bit about it, until one day Tom told me he ordered a split-cam lomography on ebay. We already had a few 35mm films for the Canon so as soon as we received the camera, we tried it out.

We didn't care so much about the split option, what we wanted to try was multiple exposures. This camera offers to take several exposures as it doesn't automatically wind forward. It works as well on my lomo but I never had any concluding results. We took a few pictures not really knowing what we were doing and if it would work out at all. We had the film developed after 10 pictures to see how it was going. We dropped the film in the shop, went for a frozen yogurt, and collected our prints. Not everything came out, we figured out that we need to take the two pictures in a row with the same light. It seems that all the ones we took at different moments didn't work out. Now that we have a better idea, we can try again and hopefully it'll work better!

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