Spinach, chives, parsley


Snail in the courgettes

One last update on the plant growing: we failed. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong. Probably a bit of everything, not enough sun, warmth, light, too much/not enough water (I still don't know) and insects. The coriander completely died, the one we sowed and the one we bought. The one we bought seemed to be covered with tiny green insects. The parsley doesn't look great but is still alive. The second basil never grew. The spinach looks a bit unhealthy but could be saved. The rocket grew flowers. The radishes are still alive but I have more and more doubts that we will actually get any. The courgettes leaves are being eaten - maybe by the snail we found - but it's still going strong.

We've put the last survivors outside now that the weather is nicer and we are waiting to see what will happen. I don't know if we'll try again, specially since we are looking for a new flat not on the ground floor. I'm afraid we might need to wait until we have a garden to grow our own food, or at least for a more clement environment. Our flat is really awful. I'm a bit disappointed about it all but I still want to try - aubergine caught my eye the other day. I guess for now I'll focus on cooking rather than growing.

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