Song of the day #43

I finally got my hands on Jack White's Lazaretto today. I am not objective when it comes to him, he could be singing the phone book I would still love it. Probably. So I'm not going to give my opinion or do an album review, but one song did stand out for me at first hearing, "Would you fight for my love", I'll see if it'll stick. For now I'll share his instrumental track, it played on my record player for a while until I remembered/noticed it was a never ending loop... Nevermind that people say "it feels like he's done this before on a White Stripes song", that is said to a person who also loves Johnny Cash who basically built a carrier with two chords. Now I'll go back to figuring out how and on which speed I'm supposed to play the hidden tracks...!

Jack White - High Ball Stepper

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