I am roughly back to life and mainly back at work. Things should resume normally on the blog and I've got a few posts about France coming up. Here is the first one about my home town, Nantes. 

I wasn't born there but I can barely remember before and I lived there until I was 18 and moved to Paris. Even though my parents still live there, I barely go back. I don't feel like I have any attach to that city. Don't get me wrong, I grew up happy there but not because of the city, all my friends are gone now which leave the place without an emotional attach for me. Home is Brittany. But I have enjoyed greatly that break from London. Being there with Tom is different, I (re)discover things and we walk around all day. The fact is that Nantes is a beautiful city, full of charming cobble streets, old buildings, a castle, a cathedral, the river... 

I think our favourite part was the Breton top shop. It got a bit out of hand. I am surprised we only left with three. Well, we had to control ourselves. They are just so perfect, and you can't go wrong with a Breton top. I had one of mine for 10 years now. And I do wear them a lot.

Even if we spent everyday out, walking around, what lasts in my mind of that stay is all the food and drinks and laughter with my family. More to come about that.

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