Nashville. Nashville is the reason we wanted to go to Tennessee in the first place and I haven't been disappointed. East Nashville stole a bit of my heart and as much as I loved every single moment of our honeymoon, being there felt special. Just like New-Orleans a few years back, I left a piece of my heart there too and I can't wait to go back. I wish the weather would stop trying to destroy this city every other year! But I'm losing the plot here.

It is the first place we looked up when we were planning our trip and some friends recommended Airbnb to find somewhere to stay. We were scrolling through the pages when we saw the pictures of the most perfect, gorgeous, typical, yellow southern house. I wanted to sit on the porch. We looked up people's comments, all top rating, all saying how perfect it was. So we booked with Paul and Janet. The house was amazing, they were friendly and so helpful and I had my drink on the porch.

It was probably the most relaxing part of our trip. We just enjoyed the hammocks, tennis table and cool bedroom with Snowby, the cat. We went downtown everyday by bus (we are not good enough on bikes), it's a short ride and it brings you fairly close to the Broadway where are all the bars and live music you could want. It's very touristy around there but as soon as you walk away it gets a bit "rougher". Specially for us in the way we are not used to that kind of cities, there are people everywhere in London, all the time, over there you can feel a bit lonely and out of place sometimes. Saying that we never had any troubles at all.

We spent a lot of time walking around East Nashville, checking out music shops, vintage shops and local hand made products stores. The end of afternoon is perfect to just walk in the streets and look at all the historical houses. I wouldn't mind living there! 5 Points area is full of restaurants, bars and shops. Life feels good there. We went for pizzas, twice, at the 5 Points Pizzeria. I really recommand it, we shared the small size, it was still huge. I mean seriously food in America is insane! And free refills! On our last day, we went to the ice cream parlour (black raspberry-corn flavour, yum) and then for a drink at Rose Pepper during happy hour. 20$ for a pitcher of margarita. Let me tell you, we were a joyful bunch after that. But we didn't leave it there and went to the Eastland Café next door for a 5$ pizza and 5$ fancy martinis. I don't think we were walking very straight on the way back. We relaxed a bit more on the porch and my heart felt a bit sad as we were leaving the next morning (oh the hangover on the greyhound bus...).

But all that is not the real reason we wanted to go to Nashville. To be continued...

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