Chez Elvis

A couple of friends, as a wedding gift, booked us a night at the Heartbreak Hotel. For those who don't know, the Heartbreak Hotel is Elvis themed and just in front of his house, Graceland. It was a great experience, the hotel is a little run down but still very spacious and comfortable. And who doesn't want to sleep with a giant picture of Elvis above ones bed!?

We went straight to Graceland ticket office and 10 minutes later we were on board of a mini-van with an audio-guide. The van is for literally just crossing the road and go up the alley to the porch of the house. The longest part is getting on and off. Graceland tour is quite long, almost an hour, you can go to your pace, though it's crowded so you have to keep moving. You can only see the ground floor and basement and an outside building, which is already quite a lot. I really wanted to see the horses as they are Tennessee walking horse breed but the latest tour is at 2.30pm, good reason to go back, right? We took our time and a few pictures. We were amazed by how tacky everything was. My favourite is still the white vinyl sofa and gold curtains living room. Seeing his famous Las Vegas outfits is quite something as well.

After that we went back to the hotel and just relaxed for a while. Finding dinner was a bit tricky, there is not much around (not to say nothing). We ended up having a drink and cheese cake at the hotel's Jungle bar. The next morning we were leaving quite early for Nashville. Now every time I listen to Arctic Monkeys, I can't help smiling, because we literally did have breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel. And then, oh, we discovered the joys of the greyhound buses...

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