7 days - 7 pictures

Here is a little new project. I wanted to do the 365 project and have a picture a day but it felt a bit ambitious, and then the 52 project felt like not enough, I can't choose just one picture a week. So here it is, seven pictures for seven days. There are days without pictures and, well, obviously some pictures were taken on the same day. I hope you will like it.

1. Doughnut peaches from the market. Perfectly sweet and tasty.
2. Record sorting for our new shelf.
3. Dinner out, view on the harbour, low tide.
4. Chapel where we exchanged our rings almost a year ago.
5. Daily outfit to work on the land: jeans and wellies. Little stroll in the river.
6. Hay hay hay and more hay.
7. Homework.

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