2013 is going to be a year of changes. We are finally making things happening for us. We have projects, some are small, one is big. 
I am painting vegetables and fruits to make a calendar of sowing and harvesting. We bought a new guitar and we have a rehearsal room booked in for Saturday. We are leaving our flat and North London in 5 weeks to go live in West London to save money. We are saving money to give up everything here and move to France. We finally figured out how to do things or we finally gathered the guts to just do it.

We are going to live in Brittany where we got married and try a completely different way of life. For now we don't know how things are going to work out but we actually would like to farm. If you don't know us, or maybe precisely of you know us, it might come as a surprise but we've been playing with the idea for too long not to try it out. We dream of a healthier life, even more mentally than physically. I mean we would obviously be healthier, eating better, walking, being outside, near the sea and all that. But what I really need is no commuting on the packed dirty tube, no rush hour in the City and no job I simply hate where I am at the same time extremely bored and get abuse from people (I do the reception and admin for a medical clinic). The fact that we hate our jobs was the main reason we came up with this idea. We looked for other jobs, one we would actually like but we obviously didn't find anything. We can't afford a descent flat for the two of us even though we have descent wages, I am not moving outside of London - even further outside - to commute for three hours each day to do a job I hate. It is not worth it. Anyway, you get the point, life in London right now is not happy and we needed a change.

Obviously there are things I am going to miss here. I am going to miss my friends, very much, I am going to miss dressing up fancy to go out, I am going to miss mixed berries mojito in Camden Town, I might miss going shopping. But I am going to love to see trees, and fields and a river flowing when I open my window, I am going to love seeing the stars, I am going to love to sit in the dark to watch bats flying and the fox sitting in the grass, I am going to love being able to take the car and be by the sea and breath, I am going to love trying to have a vegetable garden, I am going to love raising chickens and have fresh eggs, I am going to love lighting the fire and sit next to it. I am going to love feeling free.

All the pictures were taken with the Praktica


  1. Yay for the projects!
    And for the fact we'll be able to visit each other more often!