Weekend en Bretagne

I haven't been up to much lately apart from work, work, work and more work, which led me to be too lazy in the evenings to do anything (it does pay off though and I have had a lot of exciting news in the past few days). I don't get any holidays this summer but I managed to get a long weekend to go back to Brittany. I hadn't been back to the house since we left and it felt a bit odd to go back to what use to be our bedroom, our stuff, our life not so long ago. It feels like it has been a lot more than 8 months, it all went so quickly in Paris, so much has happened and it's a bit terrifying to be that young (well young enough) and feel like Time is slipping away at an incredible speed. Those four days in the countryside were a well needed break from work, city madness and Time. Four days of stillness, wind, waves and foxes. They are my all time favourite neighbours, except when they cry/scream in the night and they become the most terrifying, creepy, making-you-feel-uneasy type of neighbours. Oh and the ocean, I simply can't live without it.