It's been too long

"It's been too long" is the first thing I said to Rhys the other night. I hadn't seen The Horrors in such a long time, I actually can't remember when was the last time, but it definitely had been too long. I enjoy seeing them live every single time, they never disappoint. They are definitely in my top three favourites (I cannot chose between them, The Kills and Jack White - that includes any of his 50 bands). You'll excuse the quality of the photos, Iphone and drunk are not a good combination (not a good combination for next morning either)

Sorry about the lack of follow up after last week's post, more about Native Americans is coming, I just need to go through so many photos and edit them first and I must say that between work, commuting, exercising (I never thought I would say that, but I love it) and watching Downton Abbey, ahem, yes I'm addicted, time for blogging is hard to find.

Meanwhile you can listen to Luminous here.

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