Studio living

All pictures are by Hilda Grahnat. I do not own the rights, please visit a wonderful blog.

So we are searching for a flat in Paris. We settled on a studio rather than two rooms, simply because we can't afford a big place and one big bright room makes more sense than two cramped small rooms. We saw a place on Tuesday evening and we want it, we've been waiting to hear back - paperwork and all is as usual a joy, France administration has a serious problem - and we are anxious. We want to move on with our lives and for the first time - we are going to celebrate our two years anniversary in a few month ahem - have a place of our own. Sure we are living just the two of us right now, in a 12 square meters room with a shower, a table, a bed and a sink. Toilets are shared with the other rooms on the floor. Ah the charm of Parisian life. So yes, the flat would be good, the kitchen is tiny, the bathroom is tiny, but the main room is bright and clean, with three windows and a view. And a lift, those seven floors here are soon going to be the death of me!

Now that we saw a place, we are starting to mentaly furnish it. The kitchen is fitted so no need to worry about a fridge and hob, no oven though. So it's all about the main living space. We want to keep it minimalist with clean shapes and cuts but we also want to thrift for chairs and a table. When I think of furnishing a small space I think of Hilda's beautiful place. I've been reading her blog for so long now - I think it was even before I moved to London four years ago - and I always loved her flat. I'm ready to move in. I love the feel of it and I want to have that feel in our flat. We are planning on investing in a sofa bed to make a big living room out of the room, somewhere we can have people coming around, somewhere we don't feel like we are living in our bedroom. Oh and the light coming in! I really hope we are getting it. Meanwhile I'll keep looking up for inspiration. Any tips on furnishing a small space?

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