Chanel aux Arts Décoratifs

One of the many things I love about Paris is the musée des Arts Décoratifs, it is not surprising since I have a love for furniture and a passion for anything from the 20's. This place is heaven, I love it all but I usually go straight for the art nouveau and art déco sections. I want to live in there. I am still torn between minimalist Scandinavian designs, art nouveau curves and art déco black walls and gold patterns. I will share with you all my favourite pieces very soon as well, but last time I went, something was different. To go to my beloved sections, I went through the 1800's rooms, and to my surprise I ran into a Chanel dress. And another one. And another one. They were scattered around the rooms among other designers and jewellery. My favourites were the two pearl dresses set up in a room. It was just perfect with the light and they looked right at home. Some of them looked out of place, or just put there, but those two were spot on. It was quite enjoyable to have them there. There was also another artist exhibiting in the art déco rooms, however it wasn't as pleasing at all. I was actually quite annoyed by it as it ruined the rooms for me, I'm not sure what his point was and I thought it wasn't working with the surrounding compared to the Chanel models. But extra art or not, I highly recommend that museum if you are in Paris, it's a joy!

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