Our vegetable garden is here

Yesterday afternoon we rented a tiller to turn our vegetable garden soil. We were very optimistic when we thought we could do it by hand. Obviously we could have, but it would have been such a task. Everyone was insisting that we needed a tiller - probably why we didn't rent one sooner, we are very stubborn - and we gave in. 30 euros for an afternoon was affordable enough, 450 euros of deposit on the other hand was terrifying. We had a 20 minutes drive into the city to arrive for 2 pm to get it and we had to give it back by 7 pm. We were hoping we would have enough time but really had no idea how long it would take. After a little struggle to get it in the car - this thing is big and heavy - we were back home a bit before 3 pm. 

It turns out that a tiller is extremely easy to use, the problem is the weight of it and the resistance of the soil. I woke up unable to make a fist and it hurts when I lift my arms. But in little over an hour, the soil was turned and the garden ready. The hardest bit of it all was to put it back in the boot when you have no strength left after using it. We drove back all sweaty and muddy so it would be done, far too impatient to get my 450 euros deposit back! 

This morning, Tom raked it all nice and pretty and we started our winter garden. Spinach and salad bowl are hopefully on their way. We don't have much clue about what we are doing, so I'll be sharing what we'll be learning step by step here. Any trick for an all organic garden is more than welcome, please share in the comments!


  1. ça a l'air de te faire rire quand même!
    et j'ai mal aux bras rien que de regarder les photos...

  2. ça m'a éclaté! Par contre, oui, qu'est ce que j'ai mal aujourd'hui!