Paris - Day Two

- Morning breakfast
- Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris

Not Photographed:
- Shopping on the Boulevard Haussman
- Lunch at Paul "Les Tortues" bakery
- The Vaccines live at the Bataclan

On our second day we got a bit carried away thinking summer was here and went out just wearing t-shirts. Once on the street I suspected I should have taken a cardigan but the seven floors to climb were stronger than my reason and we headed directly to Boulevard Haussman. When I say shopping, I mean more looking at the designer brands and buying a cardigan in H&M when it started to lightly rain...

As we had planned we went for lunch at a Paul on the corner of the boulevard. I wanted to take Tom there because it's an old nice building with old ads and pictures about turtles (hence the name Les Tortues) but they have changed. It is still the same building but they don't really do the restaurant part anymore, you can still sit upstairs but you have to queue to get your food that they give you on a tray in plastic plates. Big disappointment for me. I guess they can make more money like that. Later in the trip we went to another one were they still do restaurants and it was as great as in my memory, so I just recommend to avoid the one on Haussman.

The weather not getting better, we changed our plans and went to the natural history museum in the Jardin des Plantes. I hadn't been there in at least ten years. I use to go with my sister - who is 8 years older than me - when she was a student in Paris and I was coming to visit her for a few days. It is so many fond and amazing memories, all those times with my sister. I remembered it as being one of my favourite places at the time and I was very keen on taking Tom there. In my memory there were more creepy stuff in jars which, well, ahem, I like. I guess that's the thing that leaves a mark for a kid. It's actually 99% skeletons as you can see. But we loved it just as much.

In the afternoon I received a text from a good friend saying that we were on the guest list to see The Vaccines on the night. We had mentioned, drunk, a couple weeks earlier in London, but we were not sure if she remembered her offer. We had no plans for the evening so we happily went. 

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