Paris - Day Six

I lived in Paris for almost four years and I had never been to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. I don't personally know anyone who's been there. And it turns out it's probably one of my favourite museum in Paris now. I wish I had thought of going there before, I would have spent hours drooling in the Art Nouveau and Art Déco sections. 

The museum covers decorative arts from the Middle Age to modern days. There are fewer objects from the 1950's onwards and the end of the exhibit is a lot quicker. But to go from middle age to 1950, it takes a while. Specially if like me you are obsess with Art Déco and also discovering a passion for Art Nouveau and its furniture - I need that chair (picture 13) - Tom offered to pick me up the next day. All the pictures behind glasses are of a reproduction of Jeanne Lanvin's flat in the 1920's. 

All that to say I was in complete amazement. I love design, I love furniture and those decades are unbeatable for me. Though I must say I love any egg or ball chairs from the 1960's. They are comfortable, you hear noises as if you were under water and the slight movement you get from hanging from the ceiling make it all very soothing to me. I'm still considering moving in. But meanwhile I'll keep adding objects to my growing collection of Art Déco lamps, vases, purse, head band with gold and black feathers, wedding veil with wax flowers, magazines... And maybe one day I'll find the dresser of my dreams.

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