Bob Bob Ricard

I read about Bob Bob Ricard restaurant on a blog, flicking through the Internet one day. I was instantly charmed by the Art Deco interiors and started to fantasise about being able to eat there. I showed it to Tom who said we could go one day if I really wanted to, it is quite pricey but still affordable for a one time experience. We forgot a bit about it for a couple months then toyed with the idea, almost did it one weekend but it was fully booked. And finally, last Thursday, Tom emailed me at work and asked if I wanted to go on the weekend. 15 minutes later it was booked for Saturday night.

We did things fully, Tom wore a suit with a tie and I, heels and red lipstick. We arrived there bright and early after a walk on Regent Street, we were greeted by someone, seated by someone else, gave the menu by a third person, offered water by a fourth and so on. We were a bit lost at first and I feared I would feel out of place but the place started to fill up with people probably more used to and wealthier than us but as amazed by the surrounding as we were. Sipping our white wine, we relaxed. Tom ordered the venison burger and I chose the Three Birds burger, quail, guinea-fowl and duck. Yes, it's the wings of the quail sticking out. Not the easiest the cut but by far the best burger I've ever eaten. The best quail as a matter of fact, and I'm biased on duck, I love duck. The portions were big and we were really full but I couldn't resist the "boozy chocolate truffles". It looks small when they arrive, specially since we could afford only one desert, but the truth is, you wouldn't eat anymore of them, they are very rich and absolutely delicious. 

It is a fancy restaurant and the bill isn't cheap at the end, but I would definitely recommend it. It's not a once a week thing, not even a once a month but it's a little pleasure that is worth its price I think. We realised all in all going to see Jack White live plus a drink would come to the same. It's just a different kind of night out. I was very tempted by the sea bass fillets and the home made ice cream. That's for next time...

Here are some photos of the room from their official website (we asked permission to take pictures of each other and the food, they were perfectly fine with it but you're not allowed to take picture of the staff, and they are everywhere!)

Apparently my eyes popped out of my head my I saw that desert on the table behind us. I still don't know which one it is but it melted and opened under the melted hot chocolate. I want it!

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