Chickens and horses - mainly chickens

This lady lays the blue eggs below

While Tom and Jason were actually recording the guitar, bass and drum parts, I went out in the garden to spend time with the chickens. The more time I spend with them, the more I love those creatures. They are so funny to watch and so soft to pet. I can't wait for Brittany and get some, I'm definitely convinced, I'm a chicken fan. Lauren gave us some eggs, they are so much tastier and it's nice to know they are coming from happy, healthy, loved chickens. 

After the recording, we popped to the place where Lauren got her chickens, she is looking into maybe getting more who can lay different colour eggs. But I think for now she has enough, they are getting almost 6 eggs everyday. We carried on to the horses' pen to feed them, put more hay and check the water. I was welcome by Donkey who weirdly will let you pet his ears but not scratch his forehead. My favourite one is lovely tiny Marbles, he is just the cutest. I threatened Lauren to steal him and Elsie, the lady chicken I was holding on picture.

Brittany and our new life can't be too soon! Recording and animals sounds like a good plan.

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