Death, a self-portrait and Medecine Man at the Wellcome Collection

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a sunny day out, we were exceptionally off work as I had a dentist appointment in the morning. As we were out bright and early, we had planned to go to a museum or gallery. I wanted to see the Death, a self-portrait exhibit at the Wellcome Collection and as it's ending on Sunday, we chose this one. It was also the opportunity to take my new canon out for a stroll. I had it for more than a week and it was the first time I had time to properly use it. Finally!

I was very excited, maybe even more by taking pictures than the exhibit itself. Photos are not allowed. Fail. I managed to take a sneak pic of a beautiful skull - yes I likes bones and skulls - with a snake made of wood and silver. I'm still not sure which part is made of which. I really enjoyed the exhibit, it's interesting to see this fascination for death through different cultures. I particularly loved the little anamorphic postcard all showing/hiding a skull. Unfortunately there was no way to take a picture of those.

Chinese torture chair in the background

It's a fairly short exhibit and I recommend it if you have a little time on the weekend. We also went upstairs for the Medicine Man exhibit where you're allowed to take pictures. I don't know why but I love those things. I am between fascination and being horrified by old medicine objects, sometimes very close to torture instruments. There was actually a Chinese torture chair, too much reflection on the window, the picture didn't come out good, I am terrified by how ingenious human beings can be when it comes to torture another one... I think middle age in Europe exceeded everyone else on that subject. You can also find cultural objects like fakir shoes or ceremonial Nepalese hair dress. I must say that I can't remember what the curtain of teeth was for...

I would definitely recommend to go to the Wellcome Collection even once the Death exhibit is over. It reminded me a bit of the Hunterian Museum in London, minus hands and feet and things in jars. The Wellcome collection is more about medicine objects whereas the Hunterian is more about things going wrong with the human body, to avoid for the sensitive stomachs!

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