We are in December, I can now legally go crazy with Christmas. I haven't felt that excited about this holiday in a long time, growing up Christmas loses a bit of its magic, but this year is different. Tom and I are going to spend our first Christmas together and it makes us feel like a family. We are each other family. So this year I wanted to have a proper Christmas. I have now been wearing Tom's Christmas jumper in the evenings, I have my festive hot water bottle, I have Christmas-y pyjama trousers (that wasn't plan, I didn't realise when I got them.) and more importantly we have a real tree. I know it's not ecological and all that, but it is Tom's first real Christmas tree and it is so many happy memories for me, I wanted to share it with him. I also surprised him with a homemade Advent Calendar. I have those little socks since I'm a little kid and my mum would put chocolates and little surprises for me and my sister, it was always so exciting, and at least you get chocolate you like! Tom was very impressed and touched it was my actual childhood Advent Calendar.

So far I have enjoyed my December, I'm almost all done on Christmas gift and I'm planning on spoiling my lovely husband and family. We are going back to Brittany where we got married for a few days, I couldn't be more impatient.

P.S: The Elvis in the tree is from Memphis and is a joke for friends who booked us a night at the Heartbreak Hotel.


  1. Don't feel so bad about getting a real tree. I used to feel that way too, but then I realized there are local farmers who really rely on that income to keep farming. It takes a lot of love to grow those trees. Besides, the alternative just supports some factory in China and a bunch of slaves who worked to gather the materials it took to make it. ;)

    I really like your advent calendar, by the way!

  2. I've never done an advent calender before, but I am certain to try it next year! I love yours.

  3. Mckenzie, thank you for making me feel better! I didn't think of it this way! We also tried not to get it from a supermarket but from someone only selling tree hoping the money would at least go to someone and be helpful!

    And thank you both for liking my Advent calendar, it's so many great memories.