A fall and a gig

It's been quiet around here for a few days, I was planning on posting on Monday, but on my way to work I fell and hurt myself quite a bit. I was running late and hurried, the problem is that we live on top of a hill and it's currently covered with dead soggy leaves. I fell just as I got to the train station. Luckily for my ego there weren't many people, just a nice lady who helped me out. When I fell I got really scared I hurt my coccyx bone. If there is one bone you don't want to break it's this one. I saw the doctor, it was a big shock for my body but no major damage done. For two days I couldn't really walk or sit. I obviously couldn't go to work and I'm off for the rest of the week. I've been laying in pain pathetically on my coach until today, I feel a bit better and thought I should finish what I started on Monday!

It's a bit out of date now but never mind. On Saturday evening we went to see The Kills opening for Jack White at Alexandra Palace. To give you an idea of what it meant for me: I only listen to three current bands: The Horrors, Jack White and The Kills, and Alexandra Palace is the closest venue to our flat. Let's say it sounded like a perfect night. There was still a no photo policy, hence the phone pictures.

The venue itself - I had never seen it before, I just go to the park usually like here - isn't great. It's really big and not meant for gigs. We still managed to be fairly close for The Kills. Ah! I had missed them. They are my first proper band crush, and after quite a few years I still love them as much. I kind of want to be Alison Mosshart. With black hair, not pink. Though this time it was blond, still better than pink. They were great, I love their songs live and they are entertaining. And as much as I love seeing some bands live, they are still special to me.

Jack White played with his girl band and as I said here, I much prefer it this way. It was great, the set list was brilliant and he played more songs I never heard live before. Every single gig is different with him - that's the downside of the Kills, it's always the same set list. It was quite good to enjoy the supporting act as much as the main one and be excited all the way rather than have to go through a long boring wait.

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