Pumpkin week

So it is soon Halloween, no dressing up or parties for us but a lot of cooking. In France we don't really do much, and absolutely nothing in my family, I've carved my first pumpkin last year with Tom. This year, I wanted to do it again as I enjoyed it but I also wanted to make the most out those two little pumpkins. I've got two recipes coming up later this week.

We carved them on a freezing, snow threatening Saturday afternoon while watching The Amazing Spiderman which, to my surprise, I didn't hate. I thought I really disliked Spiderman, it turns out I can't stand Kirsten Dunst (that I already knew) and Tobey Miguire sobbing for two hours. Andrew Gardfield and Emma Stone are funny, sarcastic and good, a very different tone. That wasn't the point here, back to the pumpkins. We armed ourselves with knifes and spoon and soon ended up covered in sticky pumpkins guts. It was fun. The day was getting dark, we lit them up and took a few pictures. My favourite was taken on the next day, Tom revisiting Munch's Scream with his pumpkin.


  1. I love the pumpkin Scream!

    I still haven't carve my mini pumpkins...

    1. It still makes me laugh!
      I want to see the mini pumpkins!!