On the weekend we drove to Bristol with two friends for a gig. We met up with a real Bristol... How do you call someone from Bristol actually? Anyway, born and raised there, who showed us around and took us to a cafe for lunch. Apparently fries are big in Bristol, including for breakfast. After a bite, we went for a walk, it's actually a quite nice looking town centre. And you can walk, a nice change from London. It's not so great at night, like everywhere it gets a bit chavy with drunk people shouting on the streets.

A friend of us was releasing his first solo project single and Tom was also playing. I had a bit of a sing with Tom, sharing a microphone, it was quite fun. I think the fact that I know no one in Bristol and that I'll probably never go back there again helped. I always wanted to do it, I'm glad Tom pushed me a bit.

On the way back we stopped at our friends house and I had a play with the chickens and the cat. I can't wait to have chickens and animals again, I miss it too much. I was offered to go horse ridding, but it wasn't the best timing. Can't wait to go back.

Fun weekend in the end, but I was glad to have my bed back on Sunday. Then up at 6.30 on Monday to go running. We are starting our good resolutions a bit later than most people. It sounds insane to get up that early to go running - to me at least - specially since I only need to leave home at 10am to go to work, but Tom starts earlier. But it feels so good. I use to run and then stopped, I felt like doing it again and Tom was all up for it. I forgot how good you feel afterwards (I still feel like dying while I'm running).

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