Sun again

It is sunny. And I have no pictures to prove it. I have realised that if Tom (and his phone) is not with me, I have nothing to take digital pictures with. I couldn't believe how nice the weather was when I unlocked our front door to see my friend leave to catch her plane back to France. At this exact moment I wished for three things: For me and Tom not to work today, for my friend to stay, and to be in the countryside. With no one else around, just Nature. I miss it very much here in London. I could have gone back to bed to sleep one more hour before having to get up to go to work, but the sun, the nice fresh air in early morning woke me up, I didn't care about sleep anymore. I feel I would be much healthier living with the sun rather than with an alarm clock. We are dreaming about a new start, about a new life. I wish things were easier but we are working hard.
We need out of here (our job, our flat, our city) for a while. It feels like our mental health depends on it right now. Five weeks to go and we will be married, then off to Tennessee. Five weeks. It can't be soon enough.

It is now 6pm and it's cold and raining again...

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