Compote de pommes

This is a memory of my childhood. My mum cooking compote de pommes. Which is basically applesauce. I can eat tons of it. You can make it with any fruit, mix fruits together. But this is my favorite.
I love cooking and I've been living away from home for quite a while now but weirdly enough I've never try to make compote. I was always waiting to go "home" to have some. I guess I'm finaly a grown-up and I have my own home, building a family of my own. So I've cooked some compote.

It is the easiest thing to cook. You just need a bit of spare time if you are like me, very slow at peeling and cutting apples. For a small amount of compote, you need a lot of apples. I usually sit comfortably and watch TV at the same time. Might be why I'm so slow actually.

With no further ado, here is what you need and what you need to do for four people (or for someone like me to make sure it'll last more than 24 hours)

  • 1.5kg of apples. Up to you for the sort of apple, if you like them sweet or a bit acidic. Since there is added sugar I quite like a more acidic kind.
  • 60g of sugar. You can add a small portion of vanilla sugar.
  • 2 glasses of water.


  • Peel all the apples, cut them in four, remove the seeds, cut them again in equal small bits.
  • Put the apples in a saucepan on medium heat. Add the sugar and the water, give it a stear and cook for roughly 20 minutes. It can be shorter or longer depending on the softness of the apples and the quantity of water. Basically it's ready when the apples are soft and it's not too liquid.
  • Then you can mix it if you prefer it smooth. I actually prefer it smooth but I am also awfully lazy as you can see on the pictures.

I apologise for the low quality of the pictures, they were taken with an Iphone in low light.

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