Canon T70

Canon T70 - Courtesy of Tom

Last Saturday, we - finally - managed to go to Brighton after several failed attempts. For the first time in weeks it wasn't raining. It was even sunny and warm. The joy of just wearing a t-shirt.

We went to the station in the morning and got our tickets on the day. £10 return, bargain. After a long one hour journey - seriously for how long can people go on about a ski app on iPhone!? - we arrived in sunny Brighton. Like usual, we went straight to the sea and took a few pictures with the Canon T70 and a lomo (that I will discover later on). We sat on the pebbles - again! - and looked at the sea. I need that from time to time, a good break from London and the city.

Canon T70 - My favorite one

Canon T70

We had a nice pub lunch with a cold cider and went shopping. First stop, the Rounder Record shop, we always find something there. And it's cheaper than in London. This time we went home with the Velvet Underground, White Light/White Heat. We had a nice walk in the streets, all adorned with English flags for the Jubilee.

Canon T70

You can't go to Brighton without going to the Arcade. We discovered our talent for basket ball - my arms and shoulders were sore for two days - and won a lot of vouchers. I confirmed my superiority at air hockey - one of my many useless talents - I am not so good at pig racing. We exchanged all of our vouchers for a box of dominos and two lollies...

One last walk in the empty streets, all the shops were closed, and off to the train station in the evening. Let me tell you I slept well that night!

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