7 days 7 pictures

My excuses for not posting this on Sundays are getting worse and worse. Is hand tilling the vegetable patch until your brain dead one?

1. I've been painting a lot this week. See a few on my Etsy shop, already a few are gone.
2. I'm always saving snails. I love snails.
3. We manage to finally save an apple tree which was surrounded by tall bamboo. It's the reason why he grew laying on the floor to escape.
4. I baked an apple and raspberry cake for Tom's birthday. Recipe to come.
5. Our land is beautiful.
6. We have my grand-parents 60's trailer parked on the land. I used to play in it when I was a kid. We can't get in anymore. We have to find a way, those flowery seats are too amazing to rot away.
7. We cleared a little pond from weeds and I found many many tadpoles. I love tadpoles. At least as much as snails.


  1. 1- I adore your paintings!
    2- I save snails too when I run on the road
    3- Trees = life
    4- Yum!
    5- I think the three of us have a problem with striped shirts
    6- haaa go get the seats!
    7- that's a big tadpole!

  2. wonderful 7! your blog is lovely!

    1. Thanks very much! Lovely to meet you here xx