Things I've learnt - Outdoors

This is probably the first post of many, we have spent a lot of time outside. Today is the first chilly rainy crappy day in a while, I miss the sun already. But I have an excuse to spend a little time inside which is nice too.

Pictured - Ivy is the worse.

Not pictured - We did it all by hand with barely any tools. We basically ripped the ivy off the shed and got rid of the roots with chisels.

Not pictured - We even worked in the rain.

Pictured - It is a long process.

Not pictured - Tom spent hours digging ivy roots with a pickaxe to prevent regrowth. 

Not pictured - We got rid of meter tall and wide bush of brambles. With garden scissors. 

Pictured - We are stronger than ivy.

It's still all nice and dry inside and there is a little shelf so we're hoping to turn it into a chicken shed. That is if we can make it safe enough from all the foxes sitting in front of the house. Any suggestions?

Speaking of foxes, there is an update on my Etsy shop!

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