East London Sunday

Sundays are becoming my favourite day of the week. For years it meant going back to school, to work, depressing end of afternoon, now it means wonderful days out with my husband - I never get tired of using this word - and bottle of red wine with friends. The wine was more of a one off.

After several weekends of going out in a row and gigs mid-week, we crashed quite early on Saturday - we are getting old - but we were up nice and early on Sunday morning and I love that. It was a nice day and we headed out to Spitalfields City Farm. I love this place, I miss animals a lot since I live in London. I tried to go home with one of the goats, apparently not an option in our London flat. We talked about getting a little rabbit, I don't know if we were serious or not. After half an hour spent with the chickens and scratching a goat's head, we went back on Brick Lane and braved the crowd. We went for lunch at our usual Noodle King on Bethnal Green Road. Be hungry if you go there, the portions are big. Our favourites are the sweet and sour chicken and the pork fried dumplings.

We continued our day on Columbia Road where there is a flower market every Sundays. I love flowers, I love even more cheaper flowers. If you go there just before the end, you get great discounts. On the side of the road there are a few lovely shops. It's quite trendy so a bit expensive. I've seen a fox print I'd love to have, but that I definitely can't afford. But at the end of the road there is one of my favourite vintage shops, Vintage Heaven, which is also a tea shop. I've discovered it fairly recently when Tom took me there for the first time. It's full of cups, plates, kitchen stuff, jars, everything I love. We found a few Christmas gifts there. And two things I wanted I couldn't get, a wool blanket Tom wasn't very impressed with and a bird print I really loved but that was a bit over priced.

On the way back we bough small cakes for desert in the covered market just before Rough Trade, I chose the Red Velvet, best one I ever had. I highly recommend it. Now I need to find a recipe.

It was a full day, and no better way to end it than with friends in our flat and a bottle of French wine. Next weekend can't be too soon.