Third Man Records

Here is the real reason why we ended up in Tennessee. Tom and I are both Jack White fans and when we were friends we joked about going to Nashville together to go to Third Man Records. We joked, but we were actually quite serious but as our friendship was more and more ambiguous, we never made any serious plans. Then we got together and we knew it would be one of our next trips, as soon as we could afford it. One day, Tom saw an add for cheap flights to America with British Airways, and we "needed" a honeymoon, no need to think twice. So we built our trip around that, we knew we wanted to see Memphis and spend a few days in New-York. We looked at a map to see what else was on the way in Tennessee.

Back to Third Man Records. I was so excited on the way there. And you need to be motivated if you are walking. It was sunny, boiling hot, far away and in, let's say, not the nicest part of town. And did I say it was boiling hot!? But we made it and behaved like two kids on Christmas morning. We had to buzz for someone to let us in. A minute later a pretty young girl wearing a yellow and black (the shop's colours) dress opened the door for us. The shop is tiny but it is what we were expecting. Suddenly four other people came in. We couldn't move anymore, and we were annoyed, let us enjoy the shop! So we pretended to look more than you normally would need to and waited until everyone else was gone. We picked quite a few records, since we knew we were coming, we hadn't bought any of Jack White new records. We had a chat with the girl - people in Tennessee have all been so friendly and nice to us, we felt very welcomed - and we shyly asked if we could take pictures. I think she is used to it. We left the shop with a smile on our face and records under our arm. Oh and we went back. Twice. In two days. Might as well make the most of it!

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