Back to the honeymoon. The next stop on our trip after Nashville was Chattanooga. We honestly ended up there because of the name. When we decided to go in March or so, we looked at the map, we saw that name, it was on the way between Memphis and New-York. So we planned our stop in Chattanooga. We didn't have much time to see all the places so we only stayed one day there.

We arrived in the morning on a greyhound bus, and suddenly realised we had changed time zone. We didn't have a clue until we arrived one hour earlier than planned... So, there we were, in the worst greyhound station so far, needing to get to the close by airport to rent a car. We asked for direction, yes, it's walkable, just go right up the ramp. We went out of the station. It was a national road with no pavement (we were dragging big suitcases). What on Earth are we supposed to do? No choice, no taxi, nothing. We start to walk, it can't be the way, let's try over there. Ok, where is that bloody airport? Oh a car is turning and stopping by us. Hello, I'm lost, I'm looking for the airport to return this car, we are lost too, looking for the same. Come on in, I'll drive you. Oh cops are coming and stopping. Are you lost? Yes. Follow us, we'll show you the way to the airport. And there we were finally, at the airport, which was 2 minutes drive away. I still don't believe you can walk. If the same situation had happen anywhere in London or in France, we would still be there trying to figure out our way.

Hangover cured by a little more sleep, we rented the car and headed to our motel. It was the first time I was driving anywhere else than France. At least it's the right side of the road for me. Still I was a bit freaking out. We got to the motel nice and safe and decided to go straight to Point Park as after all it was the main reason for us to be there. The drive is lovely, I don't mind so much small winding roads, that's what Brittany is made of, and being surrounded by trees and going higher and higher above the city just looked great. We spent quite a lot of time there, looking at the city and the Tennessee river from above, walking up and down hill, reading about the civil war battle that took place there. We thought we would check the Lookout Mountain on the way back. I have a terrible vertigo so we thought it wouldn't be worth it to pay to go there. We missed the entrance and ended up in Georgia. I liked that. A couple of state signs photos later we were back on the road.

Back in Chattanooga we walked to the Tennessee river and we sat with our feet in the water with no one else around. I felt lucky and happy to be there. It felt good to be in Tennessee, it felt special. After that we went for dinner at Sticky Fingers as it seemed to be recommended. I was a bit disappointed. We ordered the ribs and it was nice. But not so much it would be that famous. Their salads were gigantic though. If you want ribs, go to Memphis!

On the next day, we drove the car back, took another greyhound, finally the last one and we were off a bit further in Tennessee.

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