A wedding in Devon

Waiting for the ceremony

Exchanging vows in the orchard

Saturday before the last, we were invited to a wedding in Devon. A month ago the happy couple came round to our place under pouring rain, we were all a bit worried the weather was going to be the same on the wedding. It turns out that the planet earth has gone mad and in a few days the weather changed from cold rain to burning sun (and back to cold rain again). Saturday was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the house in Devon, the orchard, the couple, the guests, everything was beautiful. And hot. So terribly hot, I got sun burned even though I used sun protection.

The ceremony was unofficial (they got legally married the day before) but it was the real wedding. It was moving and sweet. Fresh pimms were replacing champagne. A very good choice in my opinion, as I am addicted to pimms and also because of the weather. But beware of the - many - fresh pimms in the hot sun, it goes to your head. We stayed out drinking in a sun long enough to get dizzy and red before heading for the marquee and food. It was all simple but looked great. I specially loved the idea of the guest book with a Polaroid camera for everyone to leave a picture with a few words.

We danced most of the night away to 1950's music drinking champagne. What more could you ask for?

All pictures taken with the Canon T70.

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