Courgettes in a pot

A couple of months ago, while we were planning our "garden", we found courgette seeds that grow in pots. We couldn't resist and had to try. We bought the biggest pot we could find and off we went to grow courgettes in a flat.

We sowed the seeds on a ok afternoon (meaning not rainy), followed the instructions, found them a nice spot and hoped for the best. After that day, it started to rain non-stop for what seems to be weeks. I thought they would drown and we would never have courgettes (mind you, it might still be the case). But one - very rare - sunny day we saw a bit of green coming out. I got over excited I must confess. Day by day we could see it grow. It went very quickly at first and now slowed down a bit, but it is still expending. I'm very pleased with our plants. I can't wait for a little courgette to come out. It'll probably be months before we can even consider eating one. And I am not patient.

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