Turning 26

Another year has past. I cannot believe that this was already a year ago. I hadn't imagined back then that a year later I would be living in Paris once again after all this time in London. This year was different, I got up to go to work in the morning, went home to our very own place, and was greeted by a birthday lunch and champagne. This year was supposed to be a no gift year, I guess buying a fancy pants sofa and coffee table was part of the gift. But I still got a lovely cactus, named Lenny, and a book I've been wanting for a while. How I love 50's design. It seems that the Ladurée cake, le Divin, and drinks at Le China have become a tradition. Is it a tradition after two times? Birthdays for me are like a January the first, now is the time to make a resolution, be a better version of myself (I gave up on trying to be someone else, a healthier, more positive and less procrastinating person, that is not just me). Chocolate detox is the first step, but I keep wondering if I'll ever feel like an adult. I am married, I am 26, I have a job and a flat in Paris, responsibilities and I still feel like a terrified kid!

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  1. J'aime tout sur la première photo! Tellement toi!
    Plant naming is also a tradition ;)