No more rain please

I've been wanting to take pictures of our flat for a week now. We have three windows, which is a lot for a room that size, but it also means that we always have light coming in. So I thought pictures would look great. It'd be true if it would stop raining and if the sun would come out. So instead I've been lightening candles and drinking tea. We have things to do, we're still living more or less out of our suitcases and we really need blinds or curtains or something for those three windows, but it's a pre-birthday weekend so I'm allowed to just enjoy and relax. I'm looking forward to finally be a bit more settled on those shores and get back into a routine, having a working Internet connection is surely going to help. I have many outfits I want to draw and many pictures I want to take. So hopefully it'll soon be up on here!

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