Happy Halloween

Hurrah for the new computer, I am back. I had given up uploading pictures, then just opening a website and simply turn my old computer on. That's how bad it had gotten, but I have a new baby! The previous one lasted 7 years so I'm hoping this one will do as good. I am amazed by how quick it is, so I'm hoping it'll be a good motivation to get back into blogging and my Etsy shop and not just muck about for hours. Trying to install Photoshop unsuccessfully for 3 days in a row for several hours each day doesn't count as mucking about. But it didn't get me far either. I still have pictures from August I've been wanting to put out there but I wanted to correct the exposure beforehand. I was waiting on the new computer, but now I don't know if I should just upload them raw or keep them for myself. Decisions decisions.

We are back to my hometown for a couple weeks, I must say that I am enjoying the city life again. New trousers and dress within a few hours of our arrival... H&M made me an offer I couldn't refuse. My excuse was that I've been looking for tartan trousers for over a year and that green dress looked almost like a COS dress for a fifth of the price. If I can get over my crippling shyness in front of a camera, they'll probably make an appearance here.

Other than trousers and dress, we got two cute chestnut squashes. I wanted to make muffins like last year, but we couldn't find proper pumpkins. They were a bit more savoury and give the muffins more of a nutty taste, whereas the pumpkins is a lot sweeter. My mum and Tom love them, I am less convinced, I preferred the pumpkin ones. It's really a matter of taste. Chestnut squash has more flavour as well, which is a plus, it makes me want to experiment more with it and try to make it taste sweeter but still nutty. I'll let you know if I come up with the perfect recipe. Meanwhile the recipe for the muffins is here. Oh and now thanks to my sister I want a proper baking robot, it's brilliant!


  1. Je suis jalouse du Kitchenaid d'Audrenne!
    I like chestnut squash better too! There are two sitting on the counter, ready to be roasted!

    1. C'est tellement magique de cuisiner avec!