Last summer I used my Diana more than usual. As lomography needs a lot - a lot! - of light, summer is ideal. When I finally came back to London I dropped two films to develop. This is the first, and I was slightly disappointed. Maybe I wasn't in a good mood or something, but I was frustrated with the framing. As I said in previous posts, what you see in the viewfinder is not what is on the picture, it's slightly higher, and I was trying to make up for it when I was framing. Obviously too much. I think I actually shouldn't try to make up for it and expect it to be slightly off. It is after all the charm of lomography. And now after a while I'm not that disappointed with that film.

More pictures here.

1-2. Alexandra Palace
3. Herbs outside the flat
4-5. Hackney Farm
6-7. Spitalfields Farm
8. Brighton beach
9-10-11. Memphis

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