On Sunday, I made some butter. From scratch. Well, no credit here, it's probably the easiest thing to make, it is just a bit physical. I've been wanting to do it for quite some time now and I'm glad I did. I'm very pleased to say it tastes great and it makes me want to experiment some "flavours".

  • Double cream (or whole cream, same thing) - I used 250ml, which is a small amount of butter
  • Salt to taste, if you fancy
  • Jar with a good lid (I use a clean jam jar)
  • Chopping board and wooden flat spoon
  • Glass jar where to store your butter
  • Pour the double cream into the jar, don't fill it too much, and close securely.

  • Shake. And I mean shake. It needs 15-20 minutes I would say, but you don't need a timer, you will know. The cream is going to get thicker and thicker and stick to the sides than it's weirdly going to get a bit runnier again and separate suddenly. On one side you'll have the butter and on the other the butter milk. You will feel it and see it when you are shaking.

  • Drain the butter, you can keep the butter milk for another recipe. Put it back in the jar, add a little bit of cold water, shake, drain again. Repeat several time until it runs clear.

  • Transfer your butter on the chopping board and press your butter with the spoon to remove excess liquid. Add the salt to taste.

  • Put in a jar and keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.


  1. Mmmm... you really make me wanna shake up some butter. The last time I did it was with the kids at school with a churn. They didn't have as much patience for it as I thought they would, haha! But it sure tasted amazing! maybe they'd be more into the jar method.

    1. The jar method is quite fun, well if you like shaking, just make sure the jars can't break or that they are holding onto it tightly. I think it was my biggest fear, suddenly let go of the jar, would have been quite a mess!
      btw, I love your blog, I'm very flattered to have you around here! :)

    2. Haha, I can imagine that happening! Slip! Across the classroom, butter everywhere! Maybe wrapping a few rubber bands around the jars would help their little hands grip.

      And thank you for being flattered. I'm just a blogger like you. So thanks for coming over to my little part of the internet too! :)

    3. How old are the kids? But yeah rubber bands seem like a good idea.

      A blogger with the most perfect wedding dress i've ever seen (with mine obviously ;) ) I'm aspiring to a similar type of life, so it's very inspiring to find blogs like yours or Kate's.