Try a little bit of kindness

This is from a few months ago and from the other side of the world, quite literally as it is coming from Australia. It was sent to me by Ally from The Vintage Valley who I have been following her for quite some time on Instagram - how, I couldn't tell, from following someone who liked someone pictures who's following someone else I found her, you know how it's like - and I remember talking to her for the first time at New Years Eve. I was in London, coming home late and it was already the next day for her, recovering from her night out, that's what fascinates me and excites me about the Internet, being in touch with people from all around the world, from the other side of the world. And when your own neighbour will ignore you, someone hundreds of miles away will be kind to you. But Ally tries to bring that to her own Australian neighbourhood by dropping 'love letters' in people post box. I love it! I told her so and a few weeks later - it takes time to cross the planet - I had my own in the post. And when I deal with everyday life in Paris and the stress of living in a big city - it's not a rough place but I constantly see people being attacked verbally, emotionally and shockingly more than you would expect, physically, those acts of kindness are good for the soul.

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