Back from the dead

Since the last time I've been on this blog, I could almost say on the Internet full stop, I had my mother in law visiting, went to London for my best friend's wedding, I worked a six day week, saw Jack White live twice, carried on working the following week as normal with the flu and I have been napping ever since as it seems I cannot catch up on very much needed sleep time. I can now fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Except in my bed at 4am. Obviously. I have also managed to get a few days off work for a very much needed trip to Brittany and the seaside in August, spent too much money in American Apparel, considering spending far too much money in my own shop - do I need a 275€ midi length leather skirt? Even though it's absolutely stunning and perfect? - and I have been thinking about carrier moves and about the fact that I love fashion more and more lately, I'm excited by it again. I think the previews of the coming collections have something to do with it.

What have you been up too?

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