Birds and flowers

Life seems to be slowly falling into places. Very slowly as we still don't have a flat, but I guess the main reason – besides the fact it's the hardest thing to do in Paris – is that we needed to figure out if that's what we wanted, if we wanted to stay here. It seems that for now it is, work is giving me opportunities I'm quite exited about so I'm curious to try that path into the fashion industry before going to our farm dreams. People sometimes laugh when I talk about that, it's the last thing they expect, but then I talk about the ocean, the salty air and the fields and they understand. I still wish I could have it all, a couple weeks in Paris, a couple weeks in London, a couple weeks in Brittany. I must remember to buy a euromillion ticket tomorrow...

The pictures are from last weekend at the bird and flower market near Saint-Michel on l'île de la Cité. It is no Colombia Road though, and the birds in cages were just too sad. I love birds too much to have them in a cage.

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