1925, Quand l'Art Déco séduit le monde

If I could travel in time, it would be to the 1920's. For everything, the fashion (I need a velvet fur trim coat), the art, the architecture, the culture and any piece of furniture. Then I stop and I think that in order to be alive in the 20's, I would have to live through two world war, like my great grand dad did. But I'm still weirdly nostalgic of that time, I have a very bourgeois attraction to it though, I want backless evening dresses, dinners out, champagne cocktail, boat trips to the south of France. I want to live in a Scott Fitzgerald book, minus the mental illness and alcoholism. Unfortunately for me, that's the part I get with panic attacks and depression (not alcoholism!).

I finally managed to go to the exhibit at the Palais Chaillot, it ends very soon, so if you are in Paris, run there! I wish it had been bigger, I wish there had been less people, well I wish I actually had been to the 1925 Art Déco exhibit in Paris. But it was amazing to be able to relive it in a way. It's a lot about architecture, a subject that interests me more and more, I appreciate buildings more, I notice more details and see beauty in it. And it's amazing to see the influence of Art Déco through the world. I've never realised how many Art Déco buildings they are in Shanghai, I wish I had known that at the time. 

What amazes me with that era, is how everything is out of proportion, look at those automobiles radiators caps on the third picture! And imagine the car underneath. I could also mention the Normandie, that huge cruise boat, filled with precious and expensive ware and furniture. Or that gigantic statue of the Christ. But my favourite of it all, is the Pompom bear. I simply love it. I actually got a reproduction for my mum for Christmas. The original 1920's one was very tempting...

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