Around here lately - November/December

1. Purring therapy several hours a day. I need a cat full time.
2. Salad Lyonnaise.
3. We ate a few poached eggs.
4. My Dad's classical record collection is growing (that's just half of it)
5. Winter light and avocado trees.
6. My sister baked my favourite, cannelés.
7. Fairy lights.
8. And Christmas tree.

There was also a ridiculous amount of rum cakes, apple tarts and pizza eating, of cat brushing and cuddling, of fizzy cocktails and late nights. We are going back to Brittany tomorrow, not long before Christmas now! I'm all excited. And then we are off to London, I cannot wait.


  1. Aww les chats ont toujours l'air profondément heureux : je les envie!
    la collection de ton père : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (le rêve)

  2. great pictures !!
    have a great day